Frequently Asked Questions


How do we price our piñatas? 

Our piñata prices are based on size, complexity of shape, materials required and lead time given and prices for simple 'box style' piñatas (like simple letters, numbers and hearts in one colour) measuring around 70cm tall and 15cm deep start at £125. 

Can we make a piñata for any occasion? 

Yes! We have made piñatas for any and all occasions from political statement pieces to weddings, and from corporate events to marketing and PR stunts. 

Is there anything we can't make? 

We pride ourselves on taking any commission that comes our way - if you can think of it we can turn it into a piñata! We have even made wearable piñata outfits. 

Do we offer workshops? 

Yes! We are experienced entertainers and as knowledgeable on the subject as it gets. We have worked with schools throughout London and big names like Lonely Planet to put on piñata workshops in the past. Why not enquire further by emailing us with your ideas?

Do we make window displays and piñatas 'not for breaking'? 

Yes, absolutely! We have made piñatas in the past for clients like Oliver Bonas who wanted 100 piñatas to use in their window displays across the UK and often get asked for keepsakes and film/tv props that are not destined to be broken. 

Do we offer accessories? 

Yes we do!! We offer hand decorated smashing sticks, bandana/blindfolds, assorted fillings (including confetti, wrapped sweets and chocolates and multi coloured ping pong balls), genuine Mexican bunting (papél picado) sourced from Mexico city and delivery inside London zones 1&2 all at extra cost! Do enquire as to availability for all of these extras. 


How do we make our piñatas? 

We use traditional methods using papier maché moulds combined with contemporary and innovative techniques to make all of our our piñatas.  AND depending on the piñata itself we can also boast the use of fully recycle-able materials! Meaning you can pop your old piñata 'bits' straight into the recycling bin. 

I need a piñata for tonight - can you make me one? 

Piñata making is a labour intensive process and  all of our piñatas are made to order. Every now and then we have cancellations and therefore have the odd piñata available to buy off the shelf from time to time but we usually require more than a days notice to make a piñata from scratch! 

Do we make piñatas for charity/ free for the right cause? 

This is a tough one to answer. Every year we are asked for piñatas for free. We rarely do this as we can't 'go to Sainsbury's' on good vibes and karma BUT every year we try to choose one charity or good cause to donate to and we are pleased to be in a position to do this.