What people Have said about us

“Our piñata is a beautiful, fun object but its message is deadly serious.”
— Tom Davies, Amnesty International
Amnesty International's "Piñata with a message" - www.amnesty.org.uk

Amnesty International's "Piñata with a message" - www.amnesty.org.uk

“Thanks so much, the piñatas look stunning!”
— Paola Feregrino-Rodriguez, Wahaca UK www.wahaca.co.uk
“Thank you very much for your team’s hard work: it looked fab and everyone LOVED it. Really, really great work!!!”
— Polly Betton, Teatime Production
“You were absolutely legendary in making the donkey piñata for the invasion of Farage’s pub - thank you again! I owe you eternally.”
— Dan Glass on our 'Bigotry' donkey piñata used at the 'Beyond UKIP Cabaret' and anti Nigel Farage rally.
“Wow they look amazing! Really impressive :)”
— Ed Smith on our piñatas made for Jose Cuervo UK, www.josecuervo.com
Jose Cuervo piñata, www.cuervo.com

Jose Cuervo piñata, www.cuervo.com

Thank you so much again – we all love them especially the client!
— Alex Nurse on our giant 'Painyatta' piñatas made for Activision, SKYLANDERS UK
Skylsnders 2018-05-25 at 07.58.07.png
“We loved our burger piñatas! They looked great and we got some fantastic action shots of them at our event (National Burger Day, London). [Piñatas London] have been making piñatas for us for 5 years and we are delighted every time!”
— Romy Westwood (London Union)
“The pinata looks AMAZING!”
— Ana Wight, www.vendhq.com
I couldn’t recommend Pinatas London highly enough. Phil made an amazing orange heart-shaped piñata for our music festival as a one-off design for our special cause. As a result it was made with love and attention to detail, which truly showed! It was a great hit -pardon the pun! Phil was professional and a pleasure to work with - I won’t hesitate again to ask him to support us again next year or for any other future events.
— Joanna, 111 Collective
Thanks a million :)”
— Giulia Parati, Marriott Hotels www.marriott.co.uk
“Thanks so much for arranging – the pinata looks amazing and so big ha!”
— Charlotte Haggart speaking about the 'big' Mini Babybel piñata we made for www.babybel.co.uk
“Thank you so much! That is even better than I could have imagined, it’s really beautiful - I’m so glad we got you guys to do it, thank you.”
— Megan Wingfield, after seeing her wedding cake piñata 2018
Three tiered wedding cake piñata. 

Three tiered wedding cake piñata. 

“Camilla and I were really pleased with the Piñata ; when you get a message of AMAZING from her, then it must pass muster, so thanks ever so much for all the hard work and artistry you and your team mustered in such a short time. It took a lot of welly to serve ‘Jeremy’ his just deserts. The fist, size nine Chelsea boot and a snooker cue breaking on impact failed to make much of an impression until after at least half an hour, one member of the film fraternity knocked it down and banged her size 5 Manolos right where it mattered. I notice that there’s already one hot lead for a Michael Gove piñata...”
— Adam Atkinson speaking on his human likeness piñata sold to Pop Bitch Magazine.
“It went really well. They took time to break down which was good, people had 5 hits and I think it took about 4-5 people to break it... It was funny to see grown women in sparkly party dresses crawling around the confetti floor looking for goodies!”

— Mick Pirie, talking about Day of The Dead piñatas made for The Brit Awards 2018, www.brits.co.uk
Brit Awards 2018IMG_3964.JPG
“We are all completely in awe of its great beauty and don’t really want to bash it to pieces!! It certainly has a very a large ‘wow’ factor whenever shown to anyone. Thanks for sending it so quickly and for all the additional information as well - this has been very helpful in planning how to play the game with such a large number.”
— Judy Powell, traditional star piñata
“...thank you for the beautiful piñatas, they’re perfect.”
— Clare O'Connell
“I’m delighted to have discovered Pinatas London. I was feeling a little despondent with Sainbury’s & Argos offerings!”
— Liz Santos
“Thank you, they look amazing!”
— Maxine Steiner
“The piñatas were a huge success so many thanks. I’m sure there will be some more orders coming your way!”
— Henrietta Devonshire
— Ren Harmon after receiving their 'taco' piñata which was dropped off at Spun Candy, www.spun-candy.com
“They were brilliant, thank you.”
— Sharon Newby, 2018
“The N and O piñatas arrived today! They look brilliant!!! Thank you so much.”
— Tessa Wire, Pea Green Boat.
“[it] is totally and utterly BRILLIANT!!!!!!”
— George Whitefield, Director, Sharky & George. (www.sharkyandgeorge.com)
“Thank you very much, it looks fab!”
— Karen talking about our lipstick piñata for Revlon UK (www.revlon.co.uk)
“We have just received the piñatas and we LOVE them! Thank you so much they are perfect!”
— Grace Brennan talking about our polka-dot and gingham 'egg' piñatas for Primark (www.primark.com)
“The beast boy was FABULOUS!!!!!!!! beyond incredible - everyone was mesmerised by the most fantastic piñata ever!!! thanks as ever - can’t wait to order another one soon…”
— Rebecca Cotrane, on her second Piñatas London order.
“Thank you for our amazing PIÑATA!!!”
— North Bar Brewing Comapny, 2017
“Thank you for the amazing job you did with the piñata, we were so happy with it and everyone was amazed by it. And also to let you know we’re having a girl!”
— Ethan Cook thanking us for his gender reveal piñata, 2017
“Your piñata at Finn’s christening was a huge success!”
— Gabriela Dornheim, 2015
“We loved your piñata last year so here I am again...”
— Julieta Gonzalez
“The wedding cake and hearts are fab!”
— Emma Hunt, Reveal Magazine.
“The piñata looks wonderful! The kids had great fun ripping in to the dragon to get to the sweets and the special sword was a great touch!”
— Liz Thornhill talking about her 5 foot Dragon piñata with sword shaped smashing stick.
“It was awesome! Credit where credit is due on that creation.”
— Bryony, Evolutions TV
“OMG! They look amazing!”
— Naomi Sharpe - AOL UK
“Thank you for the fantastic pinata! We loved it and its destruction was a blast! We thought you’d enjoy the attached pictures of the cat before its inevitable demise...”
— Sam & Hayley talking about their 'Waving Cat' piñata.
“sooo goooood! ...We are happy to say that together we raised over £1000 for Cancer Research UK!”
— Grace Attlee, regarding her 'boob' piñata made for 'Know Your Bits' A Cancer Awareness Project.
“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the piñata. It was great, an impressive piece of craftsmanship and I loved the colour scheme. Somewhat of a shame to bash it to bits, but we had a great time!”
— Mark Searl, 2015
“The piñata you created for us was completely fabulous!!!! I hope you took photos, as it was a work of art. All the children had great fun “battling” the naughty joker - my sons are desperate for another piñata ASAP. They have created a new game where they swat at each other while chanting, “piñata, piñata!” They just adored it. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and unique piece for us - it was certainly a highlight of the party. I am so happy to have discovered you!”
— Rebecca Cotrane, writing about her life-size Joker (Batman) piñata. We then went on to make her a Beast Boy piñata the following year.
“Just want to thank you for the piñata. It was perfect and everyone loved it. Also, thanks for being so helpful with the pickup etc, last week was crazy and your parents were so friendly. Managed to practice a bit of Spanish which is always nice.”
— William Roissetter, 2015
“We had a traditional star shape made for our staff summer party and it turned out great. Very well constructed along with the decorated battering stick and authentic blindfold. The prize bags were also amazing with lots of goodies for all our staff at the party to share out. All of my emails and requests were also dealt with very quickly and with friendly customer service. Thanks guys!”
— Tom Doyle, 'another happy customer' 2015
“Our logo looks great on the piñata! Thank you!!”
— Zumba with Dorina
“I would like to say a massive thank you, as
this elephant was fantastically received at the party, by a lot of people who like me, had previously only ever seen a pinata on the TV, or in a book but not in real life. I got a lot of looks, and comments about the elephant when I took him
home on the train back to Bournemouth, all of which were in good spirit, and Isi loved the elephant as well, and we filled it up completely with
sweets and confetti. At the party, it provided a good focal point, and lots of people had an attempt at hitting it, before it was finally broken.”
— David & Isi
“The event went well and once more your pinatas were very well received. We can’t wait to order more!!”
— Adam Layton talking about his cheese burger piñatas smashed at National Burger Day London.
“boom !”
— Eniz Hilmi, DJ - Menendez Brothers talking about a GIANT 1m diameter Day of The Dead skull piñata.
“It was great thank you and went down a storm on the day, we enlisted the band to add some drama to the smashing game, which made it even more fun! I have always found you very helpful and quick to respond, I appreciate things with the delivery could have been a little smoother, but you dealt with it and provided a solution. I would be happy to use your services again and likewise recommend you to others.”
— Heather Allen
“People punched it rather than using a stick!”
— Holly referring to her giant fez piñata made for Madness (Madness' House of Fun Weekender 2015, www.madness.co.uk )
“WOW the piñata looks amazing, thank you so much!”
— Henrietta May
“Amazing! Can’t wait to wear it!!!”
— Roma Higgs on her wearable piñata costume.
“It was fantastic and helped us win a site in Canary Wharf!”
Giant shoe piñata for a ‘foot in the door’ visual pun stunt.
— Nick Birkett (Poncho 8 Mexican restaurants)
“We loved the pinatas many thanks...they really added to the party and now we have them for life. Thank you and merry christmas”
— Jules Layland
“Thank you :)! We are so pleased to have found a place that makes good quality piñatas!”
— Maria Gonzalez
“Thank you so much for everything this morning. You guys have been great and so helpful and the piñata was stupendous!”
— Kieran O'brien
“They were a huge hit!!! The boys adored the piñatas. THANK YOU”
— Sufia Ansari writing in response to 25 golden cricket ball shaped party-bag piñatas made in September, 2013.
“Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful giant hyena piñata that you made for the Lion King Baddies party!”
— Anonymous.
“Oh it’s wonderful! Thankyou!!!!!”
— Louise Nimmo after seeing her Day of the Dead piñata, 2015
“Humpty Dumpty is perfect. Thanks!”
— Elizabeth Evans
“It looks fantastic, I can’t wait to smash it to pieces!”
— Helen Maclean, 2013
“They are fantastic !!! thank you thankyou xx”
— Alexandra Doyle Billycan Camping (www.billycancamping.co.uk)
“Thank you so much for the fantastic Piñata for Sofia’s 21st party - it was absolutely brilliant! She loved it!!!”
— Pippa and Donna, 2014
“It looks great! I have some sweets, trinkets and tiny toys that are gonna be perfect for it! THANK YOU!”
— Laura Mark, 2015
“Wow, it looks absolutely incredible!!!”
— Sarah McConnell after seeing her three tiered wedding cake piñata, 2015
“The children absolutely loved their day and they were very keen to show the finished products to their parents. Thank you so much- it was great!” (After having invited Iona and I in to host a piñata making workshop with their year 5s. 15/10/12

And then again in 2013: 

”Many thanks again for doing such a professional job yesterday at the Wroxham School.  They all seemed delighted, second time round!”
— The Wroxham School www.thewroxham.org.uk
“The piñata arrived safely today. It is brilliant, thank you very much. It will raise the piñata presence at our parties to a whole new level.”
— Daniela Vieten, 2015